Monday, July 12, 2010

If you love Schadenfreude, then you should read this

I had in mind to write a great blog post about my weekend. How it was great, I got one of my items crossed off my summer bucket list and how I made pickles for the first time.

But, after the Sunday and early morning Monday I had, I just don't have the energy or heart to put into one of those blogs right now.

I am upset, sad and downright mad.

It all started off when I was scouring through the Sunday paper for my coupons and I came across the Parade magazine section. I had heard that you can get coupons here, so I decided to take a look.

While I was perusing the pages, I came across a full page ad that was explaining a huge recall of Maytag dishwashers (1.7 million to be exact).

Now we have had our dishwasher for almost three years, and we haven't had a problem with it. But now Maytag is saying that the dishwasher can catch on fire and not to use it.

So the wonderful company of Maytag has some options for their consumers who are going to have to deal with this issue.

When I called the help line, the woman on the other end of the phone told me that my options were to either schedule an appointment to have one of their repair people come out and look at it, free of charge, or get a $150 to $200 credit toward a new dishwasher.

The woman asked me if I would like the model numbers that would apply towards the credit and I said yes because I like to keep all my options open.

After I got off the phone and saw that the cheapest qualifying dishwasher was at least $500, I decided to schedule a time to have the repair done instead.

When I filled out all of my information, the form on the Website kept saying there was an error and I would have to check back later.

I gave up and thought I would check on it in the morning, when I got an email saying that my packet of paperwork for the rebate would be arriving in the mail. What packet of paperwork?!

So, the woman I talked to on the phone thought that I definitely wanted the rebate, and blocked me from being able to have the repair.

Now we have to go through the whole thing all over again and tell them that we want the repair instead of buying a new piece of junk dishwasher from them.

The whole Sunday/Monday morning fiasco got even worse when Kev, who had to work the early shift this morning, called me at 2am to tell me that someone had broken into our Jeep and stole our portable XM radio.

Apparently they cut the wires and just took it.

Kev called the police and they said to call back when he (Kev) is home so a trooper can come out and talk with him.

Great. Not only do we have to go through all of the police stuff, and then the insurance stuff, but we need to call XM and report it stolen and have the service cut off.

The thing that bothers me is that I never thought something like this would have happened where we live.

Our little town is quiet and full of senior citizens. Kev grew up across the street and they never had a problem like this. I would have expected something like this to happen in our old neighborhood, which was a whole lot shadier with a lot more domestic disputes in the middle of the road and amorous meetings in cars in front of our house.

Because my husband called me at 2am and shared this information, I was not able to get back to sleep because I was worried someone was going to break into our house. (I know it might sound a little ridiculous, but at 2am it was very rational.)

So here I sit, over five hours later, and I am still fuming.

I don't know if the police will be able to do anything about it or not. But, as the old saying goes, "what goes around comes around."

Unfortunately for this thief, you can't escape karma.

Hopefully after I am more rested and in a better mood, I will have a wrap up about my weekend.

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Andy said...

who freakin steals an XM radio? I mean, really, when you sign up for the service you could get a really cheap unit if need be... did they think you wouldn't figure it out and keep paying for them to listen to XM Hip Hop Nation?