Friday, July 2, 2010

Waking Up in Williamsburg Part 1

I decided to talk about our recent trip to Williamsburg by giving reviews of the various places that we went to. I hope that you will be able to find something useful from the reviews to help you if you ever venture to Williamsburg, Va.
When my family and I arrived in Williamsburg after six long hours of driving, we were more than just hungry.
Anyone who has ever been to Williamsburg is aware that there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. From expensive seafood shacks to Italian restaurants that would make an Italian grandmother proud.
After flipping through the different coupon and visitor magazines we decided to go to a restaurant called South of the Border.
I remembered eating at a South of the Border before in South Carolina and I recalled having a wonderful experience. It reminded me of a Chi-Chi's.
So we plugged in our coordinates on our GPS system, and off we went.
When we finally arrived at our destination, we pulled in and then pulled right out of the parking lot. Even though the lot was full of cars, we just did not like the looks of the place. It looked like the owners had converted an old fast food restaurant building. This was not the South of the Border I thought it was.
After being disappointed and even hungrier, we decided to try another restaurant called Plaza Azteca. It sounded like it had just opened within the year, and it looks like it was built in a brand new complex with a bunch of other businesses.
So off we went in search of Mexican food at Plaza Azteca.
When we arrived we saw the huge building and how crowded it was and decided it was the place for us. After looking at a menu and seeing there were numerous menu items for all of our taste buds, we decided to put our name on the list.
I had thought we would be there for at least 45 minutes why they surprisingly called our name after only 20.
We were taken to our seat towards the back of the restaurant and had an opportunity to check out the place.
The decor was beautiful. Heavy rustic looking tables with the tops of nails exposed and matching wooden booths gave a nice touch that looked like old world Mexico. The stucco walls were a nice natural light brown and even though all the tables were filled up in the room, it was not overly noisy and we could hear each other without shouting across the table.
I am not a food snob. I love my Taco Bell as much as the next person, but when I saw the photos of some of the beautifully crafted Mexican dishes, I knew we made the right decision to eat at Plaza Azteca.
I ordered the Lobster Enchiladas with the sauce on the side. I was not sure if my request would be granted, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was.
My husband ordered the fajitas enchilada, my mom had the Chicken Azteca and my dad ordered the chicken fajitas.
Everything was delicious and came with huge portions. I was a little leery when I ordered my meal because I was not sure how much lobster I would be getting for only $9.99. But, when my three enchiladas came out stuffed with lobster and with a good helping of rice on the side, I was happy.
I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Mexican and even some who do not. The spices they use are not overpowering and there are some dishes that are not overly Mexican.
Another thing to consider would be to get the guacamole. They wheel out a cart and make it fresh right in front of you.
We personally did not order it, but we watched as it was made for another table. It was truly a neat experience to watch.

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