Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Easy Being Green

I have decided that I would do a couple "special" blogs a week. The first of these blogs will be a post every Friday about Helpful Hints. These are things that I have learned that have really made life a lot easier, more enjoyable, or even added a little bit more change in my pocket.

It's Easy Being Green

Contrary to what our favorite Muppet, Kermit the Frog, might have us think, it is rather easy being green. When it comes to the environment that is.

It seems like you can't open a magazine, flip through the TV channels, or even drive your car without seeing or hearing something about the big green movement and how "hip" it is to be environmentally aware.

My move into becoming more green came as a happy coincidence. We had just adopted our crazy calico cat Anastasia, and I was worried about using the same floor cleaner I had been using because of all the chemicals there are. (Plus Ana has this knack of eating and or licking everything off of the floor).

So I surfed the Internet, and after some research I found some great alternatives to cleaning chemicals. As an added bonus, these cleaning solutions are a whole lot cheaper than their over the counter counterparts.

Window and Surface Cleaner

* Get a squirt bottle. You can find these at most department stores in the garden section or haircare isle. I got mine at a dollar bin at Target.

* In the squirt bottle, combine equal parts vinegar and water.

* Shake to mix and Voila! You have a cleaner that can be used on everything from mirrors, to glass and counter tops and other surfaces.

Mild Abrasive Cleanser

* Take a little bit of baking soda and put into a disposable container. I use a plastic cup.

* Add a enough water to make a paste, but not to much. You don't want to have the cleanser be too runny or else you will have a mess on your hands!

* Apply the paste to the area you want to clean and rub in.

* Get a damp sponge or cloth and wipe away the paste.

* You can also wipe the surface again after you gather the left over paste.

* This concoction is great for porcelain, electric cook tops and kitchen sinks.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

* This is not only an easy way to clean your toilets, but it is fun to watch!

* Shake some baking soda into your toilet and then add some vinegar.

* This will create a fizzing action. During this, grab your toilet brush and start scrubbing.

* Flush, and you are all done!

Floor Cleaner

* Combine vinegar and water in a bucket. Some people add some different scents like lavender or lemon juice.

* This solution works on everything from tile to wooden floors.

Polishing Wooden Floors

*Grab a bowl and mix equal parts of Vinegar and Oil.

* Here is the hard part, you have to get on your hands and knees and rub this polish into the floor with a cloth.

* BE CAREFUL!!! This solution can be very slippery, so make sure to rub it in really really well. Also, be extra cautious until you know that it has really soaked in.

* You don't need a lot, so use it sparingly.

Those are just a few examples of the cleaning supplies I use around our house. Make sure to have a bucket, a mop, some sponges and or cloths.

If anyone has any other great homemade green cleaning products, I would love to hear. Just post it in the comments section.

Happy Cleaning!

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