Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009

Well, another one bites the dust, and a new year is born.

I have been only one day into 2009 and things seem to be sailing along as usual. We undecorated the house today and put together our joint Christmas gift that we bought ourselves: an electric fireplace. It is really sweet! It has a beautiful mantle and a remote control, so us lazy people can turn it on and off from the comfort of our sofa.

I will have to take some photos tomorrow and include them in a post.

This year I have decided to keep the tradition of making New Year's resolutions alive. So far, I am keeping one that I made, which is to blog more. With all of this technology available at our fingertips I thought I would try to keep up posting more about what is going on here.

The second of my resolutions is to finally get my Etsy store in place. I have been saying that I am going to sell my photography and purses on the Internet. The only problem is that I have to supply a credit card, and I don't have one and I don't feel like having my debit card information floating out there. So I applied for a Target Visa and we will have to see how it goes.

My third resolution is to change my name. We have been married for over a year now, and I still need to "officially" change to my married name. I just don't want to sit down at the Social Security Office for hours on end when I could be doing something more productive with my time.

This blog was not too interesting, but I thought I should post something.

My contacts are drying in my eyes as I type, so I think I am going to head to bed.

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