Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

What is it about a rainy day that makes one feel really unproductive? As I sit here typing this, the weather has decided to catch up with the calender and realize that it is autumn. The skies are really cloudy and there is a cold chill in the air being carried into our house through an open window.

Because of the threatening skies, I was unable to go for my morning walk both yesterday and today, and I feel surprisingly sluggish because of it.

Even our cats seem to be affected by the weather. Anna is taking her mid-morning nap on top of this big soft teddy bear that we bought her when she was a little kitten. Finnegan is napping in the middle of our bed. Normally at this time of the morning, they are pretty active and chasing each other around the house.

I need to go and get "up and at 'em" because I still have to finish Kev's anniversary gift (which is only eight days away) plus I have not finished crocheting the Dr. Who that I was making in honor of starting to watch the series. Even though, I wasn't too thrilled about watching Dr. Who, because Sci-fi really isn't my thing and the episodes kind of reminded me of Power Rangers, I am surprisingly enjoying it.

The basement project is coming along well. The one side where my pantry is going to be has the studs in place and I have been working on putting the shelving together. So I am happy that progress is being made because I am starting to run out of room for my surplus items.

I did our weekly shopping yesterday, and my mom went to help me since it was raining and Kev was working a later shift. I did pretty good. I spent about $57 and saved $62 so it was pretty even. For that price I scored some more expensive items like boneless pork ribs, a roasting chicken, two Johnson & Johnson vapor baths, Always products and four boxes of cereal plus a lot of other items.

Well, now Finnegan has woken up and decided that it would be fun to attack my chair and run away and come back and do the same over again. I guess this means he wants attention, so I better go see that he doesn't get into trouble.

Here's hoping that you have sunny skies in your neck of the woods!


Anonymous said...

rain can do that....but I love that picture of the cat wearing a rain coat!!!

Endy Daniel said...

WHoa, I love rain! but only when i stay at home n dont need to go out work,lol. It's been rainy this month in my country...
Btw i have a blog award for u, come and check it on my blog ;)

Lis said...

I do love rain, but sometimes it can just put a damper on your day. Especially if you had plans that involved being outside! It rained all day yesterday and was pretty gloomy. I wasn't able to go for my walk. But today is sunny and breezy!

Oh, and I LOVE that picture with the cat. So cute! :)