Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attention Local Moms

I saw a yard sign advertising an annual Kids Sale and I thought I would look into it. Turns out starting tomorrow and running all weekend there is going to be a sale of gently used children's toys (indoor and outdoor), clothing, shoes, maternity clothes and other baby and kids related items.

It starts at 4pm to 9pm Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday and 10am to 2pm Sunday at the Fayette County Fair Grounds in the Youth Building.

Here is a list, directly from their website as to what are accepted and not accepted in the sale:

Accepted Items


Boys and Girls size newborn to Junior/Preteen size 5 (see tagging your items for sizing)
Special Occasion clothing (Christmas dresses-Fall Sale only, Easter dresses-Spring Sale)
Children's "dress up" costumes
Clothing Accessories: hairbows, belts/ties, girls purses, hats, socks
Swimwear (Spring Sale only)
Dancewear and gymnastics outfits
Halloween costumes (Fall Sale only)
Shoes (no adult shoes - only accepting up to Youth Size 5, only 0 through 13 and 1through 5)
Dance shoes
Maternity Clothing (must be in excellent condition and current styles & season only)

Nursery Furniture: (must be clean)

Cribs (Check for RECALLS, must be assembled on the sale floor, by you)
Changing Tables
Toddler Beds
Portable Cribs and Pack and Plays (must be assembled on the sale floor, by you)
Nursery decor
Crib mattresses

Infant Accessories:

Feeding: Bottles (no nipples), utensils, dishes, bibs, burp cloths, breast pumps,
receiving blankets
nursing pillows and covers
high chairs
table boosters
bouncy seats
walkers, swings, exer-saucers
baby carriers and slings
Safety: baby monitors, gates, bed rails

Books, Electronic Games, Videos and DVDs:
*movies must be originals not copies and no "R" or "Mature" rated movies or games
*movies must be in original covers or sleeve's
*must have working batteries and / or chargers for Electronic Games. It is for your benefit that
we require working batteries. Shoppers can see that the item actually works giving them the
confidence to buy it. You can buy inexpensive batteries at the $ stores. Remember, the better
you display your items = better sales for you!

Toys / Games: all in working order, no missing pieces and must have working batteries included
The battery rule is for your benefit. It allows the shoppers to see that your item
works, giving them the confidence to buy it. Again, inexpensive batteries can be
purchased at the $ stores.

Outdoor Toys
Bikes and Riding Toys (batteries must be charged before drop off)
play kitchens
art desks
train tables, train sets
sports equipment: skates, balls, bats, tees, gloves, helmets
Puzzles (must have all pieces)
Board Games (must have all pieces)
Doll houses, furniture, clothing etc.
Building Toys (blocks, lego, Lincoln logs)
Push and Pull toys
Crib toys
Learning toys
Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Action heros
Toy boxes, storage units

Unaccepted items

NOthing that has been recalled or is unsafe (this is the consignor's responsibility to check)
NO car seats (except those included with travel systems - waiver must be signed)
NO potty seats
NO diaper pails or genies
NO booster seats for car
NO nipples, pacifiers or teething rings unless in new unopened package
NO underwear
NO clothing with stains, tears or pet hair
NO broken items or items with missing parts / pieces
NO stuffed animals (unless battery operated)
NO computers
NO children's jewelry
NO video or computer games marked "Mature" or R-rated
NO trinket toys such as happy meal toys

It seems like it will be a pretty interesting event. Parking is free and so is admission.

Since Kev is off tomorrow, and I love a good deal I think I am dragging him to check it out Friday when it opens. You never know what you will find!!!

Here is a link to the page that has all of the information:

Happy bargain hunting!!!

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