Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To Do or Not To Do, That is the Question.

I am a huge fan of To Do Lists. They help me keep organized, plus when I am able to cross of something on the list, I feel this huge sense of accomplishment.

There is also someone else who is a fan of a To Do List, or a calendar as she calls it. She is pretty famous, and because she pretty much does everything herself (including making her own honey from her own bees) it is no wonder that she needs a To Do List.

I am talking about the infamous/famous Martha Stewart.

Love or hate this woman, she does have a system worked out and she can make a sweater out of bellybutton lint. (I know during one of her episodes she showed how to do this.)

Martha loves her To Do List so much, that she likes to have them printed in her Living Magazine.

Every morning, I love to see what wacky things she has planned for today.

For Example:

Wednesday, December 2:
* Clean out gutters for the last time, and add leaves to compost
* Send invitations for eggnog party.

OK, first of all, cleaning out gutters full of leaves sounds like a good idea. I think everyone should do it. In fact, if we had more trees around us, I would suggest to the hubby that he climb on a ladder this weekend and dig the suckers out.

Even adding the leaves to a compost pile is a good idea. I am sure there are some avid gardeners and HGTV hosts out there that have compost piles and would be able to use their gutter leaves.

But the biggest problem I have with this is, do you really think Martha Stewart, herself, is at her country home today, up on a ladder digging leaves out of her gutters? I do not think so. Come on, she probably has a gardener or his assistant up on a ladder while she is down below telling him he is not using the proper technique.

As for the eggnog party, who does this? Who sends out hand calligraphy invitations that tell people to join them for an eggnog party?

Can you imagine what this party would be like? There is no way there would be plastic jugs of eggnog sitting around for everyone can taste the subtle nuances that make each one different. I am sure her eggnog would be hand crafted and in beautiful crystal punch bowls and have exotic flavors like caramel and Irish Cream.

Hopefully the eggnog is full of alcohol and everyone can have a good time.

Just for the sheer ridiculousness, I think I am going to have to include Martha's daily activities in my blog posts.

Now, my To Do List is a little different. I kind of treat it like a wish list. It is what I wish gets accomplished today. A lot of the things on the list are completely doable, but some might be carried over to tomorrow.

For example: Create this year's Christmas card list. This is something I might get to today, but will most likely be finished tomorrow. Where as, showering and spraying the cat with water to get out of the Christmas tree will most definitely be finished today.

But as I know, I am not Martha Stewart, so I guess it is OK to let some items on my To Do List go until tomorrow.

And in my world, "That's a good thing."

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