Saturday, November 14, 2009

I know things will never be the same

Well, this month both mine and Kevin's world changed forever. Nothing bad happened (praise the Lord), actually something really good happened.

We added another little ball of fur into our home!

For awhile now we had been wanting to get our current cat, Anastasia, a friend to play with.

She would play with us for awhile, but then she would still walk around the house meowing, would run from window to window if she saw one of the neigborhood's outdoor cats running around.

So last Monday, Kev and I went back to the WONDERFUL shelter that we addopted Anna from, which is Fayette Friends of Animals.

We looked around at all of the different cats, including a Tortie who was in love with Kev and wanted constant petting, a sweet little Calico that keep smooshing his face on both Kev's feet and my legs, but I had decided that one Calico was all that we could handle since they are notoriously known for being a little kooky.

When we went into the second room a sweet little long haired grey cat, named Brino came up to us. On a little side note, the little guy was named Brino because they had thought he was a girl and decided to call him Sabrina, but when he went to go have his "guy parts edited" they found out he was a boy and changed his name to Brino.

Anyway, when Kev picked him up he started purring like a beautiful classic car and we decided he was the one.

When we went to put in our adoption application for him, a different girl told us that someone had already put in an application for him, but they were still waiting to hear from their landlord, so still turn one in for him.

I was really heartbroken because I really felt like he was going to be the perfect cat for our Anna.

The following day, Thursday, I received a phone call from the shelter saying he was ours because it had been over 20 since the people turned in their application and they were still waiting for the Landlord's phone number.

We made arrangements to pick him up.

But, before we did, I wanted to do some research on how to introduce the new cat to the current cat. This was a very big mistake!

A lot of Web Sites said to introduce the two cats through the pet taxi, then put the new cat in one room and shut the door and put the current cat in a room and shut the door. Then bring out the new cat and let him sniff around. Put him back in his room and bring out the current cat and let him sniff around. Then exchange blankets that they have been laying on so they can get each others scent. The web site also said that this could take up to three or four weeks before you can let them run around the house comfortably. This is when I started to panic!

I do not have the patience or the time to do this for three or four weeks. I thought it would be, put the new cat in a room, slap a baby gate on the door and let Anna look at him through the gate for a while and then remove the gate.

So, we decided to go with our original plan, and went to Target (or Tar-jay) to purchase a baby gate, I know my mother was thrilled to have something associated with babies finally in our house, and we put the new cat in our office and let him out.

After about an hour, we removed the baby gate and let nature take its course.

There was some sniffing, some little grunting noises, but around an hour later, Finnegin, that is what we decided to call the new cat, and Anna were tearing around the house playing with each other.

It is easy to see that Finnegin adores Anna. He follows her around, and when he has a hard time keeping up with her, because he has little legs, she will turn around and wait for him to catch up.

They love having "epic battles" on the cat tree and behind the pillows on our bed. (It has gotten so bad that I am changing out our comforter so they don not snag it any more than it already has been.)

I am so happy the two of them are enjoying each other, and I am so glad we brought Finnegin home. There is just a little part of me that hopes that Anna still needs me a little.

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