Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You want how much for that?!

As the summer begins to fade, I always find myself a little sad. It is not because I despise fall. Actually, I love fall and the month of October. It is because I know what happens after fall that makes me depressed and wanting to latch on to the lazy summer August days.

But, as the Bible and the Byrds say, "To every season, turn, turn, turn."

So in honor of Halloween things being out at the Dollar Store, and the end of the Fayette County Fair in sight, I thought I would start looking at Halloween costumes. (Plus there was an ad on Facebook that I decided to click.)

Like I said, I love October and Halloween, and I do enjoy dressing up for the holiday. But, in the past I have been very disappointed with the selection of costumes for women.

I had hoped against hope, that maybe this year would be different. That the costume manufactures, who are obviously men, would wake up and realize that not everyone out there wants to go around parading themselves looking like tarts. But, alas, it is not only just as bad this year, but even worse.

Any of you who have been to a costume store in the past 10 years, knows exactly the kinds of costumes out there. The costumes that are available out there have a time and place, but going to a Halloween party should not be one of those places.

So in order for me to completely express my disgust I thought I would post a few examples:

This little number which is called "Adult Hermione Costume" would be perfect if you are taking your kids trick-or-treating, or if you are having a children's Halloween party. Not only would you be a hit with the kids, but with the dads as well.

Now, I have read the Harry Potter books, and I do not quite remember Hermione wearing any thing like this.

This cute little number can be yours for $47.50.

I do not know why costume manufactures insist on taking beloved childhood characters and making them "sexy."

This is the issue I have with "Sexy Willy Wonka." I grew up watching Willy Wonka. My poor grandmother had to endure the movie as it was aways in the VCR on repeat when I was growing up.

Once again, a big hit with the kiddies.

What a steal for only, $57.95!

Zeus' beard, what is this thing?! Oh wait, the name says "Honey Bee." I don't know what kind of bee this is supposed to be. Pom-Poms and fuzzy legwarmers do not make a bee. And just because, it is black and gold does not mean it is a bee. It could also be "Sexy Steeler Fan."

The only group I think who would remotely dig this outfit, would be fan-boys.

This monstrosity can be yours for just $78.95. But, if you want the leg warmers it is an additional $49.95.

Those were just a few tame examples. (Believe me there are costumes out there that are a lot worse.)

I guess what kills me the most, is the price. Here, this costume made from dental floss, post-it notes and Bubble Tape will run you about $100, but the Bubble Tape is sold separately.

In a world where so many women have body image issues, it also seems masochistic to walk into a costume shop and see that really your only option is to either make your own costume or buy the t-shirt that says "This is my costume."

What are we teaching teen girls? That it is OK to parade around in almost nothing, and that it is OK to do it once a year at Halloween, and that is your only real option.

I am sorry, but I do not buy into this, and I refuse to spend a penny on any of this garbage.

So I will continue my search, or dust off my sewing machine and come up with my own options.

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