Monday, August 3, 2009

Behind the Veil

So I am pretty excited that we are 95% sure we are going to be going to Disney this year!

After we had bought the house, and sunk a lot of money into it, we thought that we wouldn't be able to go back this year. But, because our kitchen was cheaper than we thought it was going to be, and Kev had some updates at work, and because life is short, we have decided to go.

There is also a possibility that my parents might be coming with us, which would be a lot of fun since they haven't been there in about 13 years.

In order to save some money, we decided to stay at a value resort. When I was younger we stayed at the Disney Villas (which aren't there anymore) and The Caribean Beach Resort. For our honeymoon we stayed at Animal Kingdom, and last year we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort. So we had never stayed at a value resort before.

I keep on going back between All-Star Music and Pop Century. I like the theme of Music, but I keep on hearing about how Pop is quieter.

Since I am between the two hotels, I decided to do a lot of research on the internet to see what other people thought about the two.

As I was looking through an older Unofficial Disney guide at the resort maps, I saw a whole section of Pop Century called the legendary years. This featured the 1900-1940s. I thought this would be awesome! I love those decades and I am sure the themeing would be awesome!

So I set to the internet and tried to find more information about this, but when I looked at Disney's site, I couldn't find any info.

When I googled "the legendary years," I found some interesting info.

Here is a photo I found on a message board:

This is one of the buildings that is supposed to be the in Legendary Section. What had happened, apprently, was that disney started to build the whole Pop Century resort and then 9/11 happened. The Disney corporation thought that visits to the park would decline significantly, and they decided to put a hold on the project.

Once the other side of Pop Century (The Classic Years) was completed, this other side has laid derelict and creepy. The rooms are not finished, the plumbing is even rusting. There are no stairswells to get to the upper floors, and the railings are only pieces of 2x4s put in place to keep workers from falling over the edge.

Here is a photo of the lobby building of the Legenday Years that I got from the same person, CanadianGuy on the DisBoards.

In order to get the full experience of how creepy it really is, watch this video that a brave person, DisneyProjectTracker:

What I find hard to believe that Disney would just let this "mess" stay standing and not do anything with it. It just doesn't seem the "Disney-way" to have these structures still standing. Those who stay at Pop Century have to look at this, and it takes away from the magic.

So after seeing all of this, I thought, "Well, the mouse must have plans for this." So I read they they are going to raize the buildings, and put in some family suites and name it "Animator's Inn." I am not sure what it entails, but it should be interesting.

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