Thursday, November 24, 2011

As I am sitting her typing this, my amazing husband is in the kitchen shoving celery and onions into our Ninja chopper. (Have I said we are addicted to infomercials?)

I am super thankful that I have an amazing husband who not only loves to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but looks forward to it each year and we be upset if we didn't host.

But, besides his culinary prowess, I am so Thankful to have such a supportive and loving husband who not only deals with my less than chipper days but is there to support me everyday. Equally important he is there to have fun with and help me not take myself or life too seriously.

I am also Thankful to have wonderful parents and in-laws who have supported me through every aspect of my life. It is really important to have people who not only help you achieve your dreams but are there to help you find a new one if things don't work out the way you had hoped.

I am thankful for our two cats. Even though Anna likes to scratch at the carpet and Finny loves to cough up hairballs on our clothes (like he did this morning) I don't think our little family would be complete without them.

Even though we are off of work today and I am enjoying the time away from the desk, I am still thankful that we both have jobs. In this unstable economy, it is so hard to find employment, especially jobs that you enjoy. And I think we are so blessed to have found great jobs.

I could go on and on for all that I am thankful for the table needs to be set.

I hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of laughter, good food and many blessings.

Dear Heavenly Father,Thank You for this special day, a day to remember Your goodness to us.Thank You for a roof over our heads, and more than enough food to eat. Thank You for the family You have given to us, for family and friends.

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