Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tales From the Tube: The Readables

When I get ready in the morning for work I sit at my desk in our office and watch Youtube videos while I do my hair and makeup. It seems like this is really the only time I am able to catch up on some of my favorite YouTubers. 

Since You Tube is so popular and has a wide variety of videos including anything from funny cats to "Dawson's Creek" clips (I have watched my fair share), I thought I would share a few of my favorite channels. 

First up is "The Readables."

 Priscilla, who is The Readables, does monthly books hauls that center around a theme, reviews books and will sometimes do tag videos that involve (what else) books. 

I really enjoy her videos because most of her suggestions revolve around young adult literature, and  often feature dystopian novels which are a current favorite of mine. 

Her reviews offer enough about the book and the characters, but doesn't reveal spoiler information. 

Next month I will share another favorite YouTuber. In the meantime, let me know who you like to watch/are subscribed to. 

Here is the video from her November book haul:

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