Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Flies......

Wow. I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted.

I apologize for the long time gap, but things have gotten a little hectic in my life. Good hectic, not bad hectic. But, that is another blog, for another day.

Since I haven't done any product reviews in a while, I just wanted to share my latest new favorite thing. So here is a special Thursday edition of:

Like all of the media outlets saying, everyone is feeling the recession. Some people are going out to dinner and movies less, some people are not traveling as much and others are cutting back on personal luxuries.

I prefer to handle this situation by buying smart. Cutting coupons, watching for items to go on sale and then stock up and even going to Sam's Club to buy huge bottles of shampoo that will last for about six months a piece.

But, one of the best companies out there that gives you quality products, but only charges a fraction of the cost is EyesLipsFace or E.L.F.

E.L.F apparently has been around for a while, and a lot of the fashion mags are a fan of their products as well.

They sell everything from foundation and lipstick to all types of makeup brushes and beauty tools. And here is the beauty part of it, everything is one dollar!

According to their website, the company's philosophy is that, "...innovative technology, quality ingredients and superb delivery systems should not be limited to prestige retailers. Every woman should have the opportunity to participate in innovation, without sacrificing her budget." (Sounds like my kind of philosophy.)

You want to try out the latest shade of lipstick, but you are not sure if it will look good on you, go to E.L.F. Because, if you do not like how it looks , then you only wasted a dollar.

They do have some products, like their professional and mineral makeup items that are more than one dollar, but they are still sold at a better price than what you would find at your local big box store.

I decided to try them out a few weeks ago and I ordered foundation, bronzer, lipstick, nail polish, a brush set, blush, glimmer and some other things and it only cost me $20.

I also get a ton of emails from them with coupons. Today, I restocked on some items and I got 50 percent off of my total order!

There are a few drawbacks. The size of the products are a little small, and shipping does take a while. But you can solve these problems by ordering a little more than what you think you need, and ordering before you completely run out.

In my opinion, E.L.F. products are an absolute buy!

To view their product line, place an order or even to find out more information go to .

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